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About Us

Puppies Thank you for visiting our Westies. We are located in North Carolina and have been raising Westies for 14 years. Puppies are sold with a limited registration, as we do not sell for breeding puppies. The puppies are started out on Eukanuba Small Breed Puppy Food and finish with Iams Lamb and Rice. Our puppies are from championship bloodlines imported from Serbia. True to AKC specifications for perfect standards, well socialized and looking only for serious families. I never deal with pet stores or puppy mills. Westies are a hobby we are passionate about.

About Westies

Puppies The West Highland White Terrier, commonly known as the "Westie", is a Scottish breed with a distinctive white coat. Westies have a double coat, one top coat is wiry and hard, while the undercoat is more downy and soft. While great with children, Westies will not tolerate rough handing. They are active and social and have a life-span of 12-18 years. Westies can weigh 15-23 pounds. They are well known as the mascot of Caesar Dog Food. Bright, deep-set eyes and ears are pointed and erect. They are not barkers, but will alert a stranger at the door. Social, outgoing, friendly and inquisitive, they are great pets for all ages. Westies are quick learners and loyal to all.

Purchase Details

Puppies Adoptive families will be notified when new puppies arrive. Decisions are made on a male or female. At 3 weeks,deposits are taken by personal checks. Total cost of a male is $1500 with the deposit being $500 off the total. A female total cost is $1500 and deposit being $500. No visitation is allowed until puppies have first shots at 6 weeks due to the dangers to the young puppies. You will receive puppy food to start off with and coupons, instructions, and lots of extras. Cash is required upon pick-up day when your puppy is between 8 and 9 weeks of age.

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